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July 17, 2011
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A Long Time ago, their was a kingdom, and in that kingdom was a young beautiful Princess. Her name was Amy Rose the Princess. Amy was a pink hedgehog that had gorgeous pink quills that reached her shoulders and she had the most beautiful jade eyes in the valley, the people said who were lucky enough to look into them. Amy had just turned the age of 17 last month and her farther said that she needs to get married in the next 6 months or she will be forced to marry the next Prince her parents could find.

Amy was sitting in her huge room, infront of her dressing table, brushing her quills whilst humming a sweet tune. There was a knock at the door. Amy turned around to see her maid, who was also her best friend, Cream waiting in the doorway.
"Hello Miss Amy" Cream said politly whilst bowing.
"Hello Miss Cream, please come in" Amy said gesturing to come in. Cream walked into Amy's room. Cream noticed a new, huge painting above amy's bed.
"I like your new art piece Miss Amy" Cream said studying the piece of magical work.
"Thank You Miss Cream, my farther brought for me from the Prince in Sunshine Grounds, he has his own personal painter and i would love to meet him" Amy said walking up to the young maid. The picture itself was a beautifil red rose with a single water droplet running down its stem.

"Oh yes Miss Amy, Your farther requested to sse you, he said that there is a suitor here to meet you" Cream said realising what she was sent to Amy's room for.
"Oh, really? Well I must be going, are you coming Cream?" Amy said smiling although she wasn't happy, she was bored of meeting new Prince's everyday who despretly tried to get Amy to marry them.
"I can't Miss Amy i have a ton of cleaning to!" Cream replied.
"Ok then farewell Miss Cream" Amy said walking out her door.
"Goodbye Miss Amy" Cream said back.

Amy walked down the main hall and down the grand staircase. At the entrance of the castle she saw her farther and a another king talking. Amy walked forward and saw a cobalt blue hedgehog with long quills put in a slick back style. He wore a long red cape and a Golden crown with green emeralds on it like his eyes. The hedgehog was ordering another hedgehog to fetch something out of the carriage. Amy walked upto her farther.
"Hello farther you wanted to see me?" Amy said looking up at her farther.
"Ah yes Amy i would like you to meet King Lucas and his Son prince Sonic, they travelled all the way from Sunshine Grounds to meet you!" Amys farther said.
"It is a pleasure to meet you at last fair Princess" King Lucas said talking her hand and kissing it.
"The pleasure is all mine King Lucas" Amy said Curtsying.
"This is my son Prince Sonic" King lucas said gesturing towards Sonic "He has a gift for you!"
Sonic could not take his eyes off Amy. The way her beautiful Golden dress complemented her frame perfecly and the way the light shines off her perfect pink quills. Sonic was Starstruck! King Lucas cleared his throat. Sonic snapped out of his daze and bowed at the princess. He also took her hand and kissed it.
"It is an honour to meet you Princess Amy, your beauty is more magnificent than people say." Sonic said hoping she would fall for him." Would you like to see the gift i have for you?" Sonic asked taking Amy's hand.
Amy nodded her head and followed sonic to the carriage.

"Shadow bring out the gift for the Princess" Sonic shouted. Out of the carriage stepped a ebony hedgehog with red streaks through his quills. His eyes were such a deep blood red you could get lost in them. Amy gasped at the amazing shine that came off his beautiful black fur.
The Ebony hedgehog carried out a huge canvas covered in a white sheet.
"I had this made for you my Princess" Sonic said giving Shadow a signal. Shadow whipped off the sheet. Amy gasped at what she saw. There she was. Put on a canvas looking as elegant as a swan. Her dress looked like it was flowing in the wind and her eyes! They looked amazing. The way it took about 50 shades of green to get them their actual colour.
Amy slowly walked towards it. She ran her fingers aross the canvas ever so delicatly.
Her quills looked gorgeous, the way they sway and they had that glossiness to it.
"Where did you get this picture?" Amy asked truly amazed.
"I painted it your majesty" Shadow said bowing. Amy was flabbergasted. This gorgeous hedgehog had painted her on a canvas and they haven't even met! Amy then realised this must be the princes personal painter her farther told her about.
"It is truly magnificent, thank you so much i am truly grateful" Amy said curtsying. Shadow took her hand and kissed it tenderly. Amy blushed. Sonic cleared his throat.
"Oh yes thank you Sonic for bringing all the way out here" Amy said bowing.
"Anything for you" Sonic replied.

They walked back inside with shadow carrying the picture. Amy's farther looked at the picture in awe. Amy smiled at the way her farther was acting, she knew he was impressed.
"I say that it amazing my boy! How would you like to come over next week for a big feast?" Amy's farther asked hoping for a yes.
"I would be completly honoured Sir!" Sonic said excitly.
"Farther would it be ok if Sir Shadow came aswell, I mean he did paint the picture" Amy asked praying for him to say yes.
"He did!" Amys's farther said surprised. "Well then of course he can, we will send a mail sender to send you the details!"
"Ok then farewell Henry, Farewell Amy!" King Lucas said. He walked towards the carriage and got in.
"Goodbye my Princess, Goodbye King Henry" Sonic said, he took amy's hand and kissed it and headed off to the carriage. Shadow walked over to Amy and kissed her hand. Amy blushed again.
"Farewell my fair princess" Shadow said kneeling down. He then whispered to Amy :"i will see you soon". With that headed walked out the castle to the carriage.
Amy sighed. 'What a day' she thought and she headed up to her bedroom....

Hey a new story for you guys to enjoy........ENJOY :D please comment!
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ajacollielover Dec 13, 2013  Professional Artist
The persons comment that's under mine says my name and it's shadamy and sonic would be with Sally so it be sonally
i prefere sonamy..... not shadamy.. yuck
Is this a shadamy story?
myfavlovestory Jun 10, 2013  Student General Artist
this is a good story I've read it a lot while i was searching for other Shadamy stories.:clap::clap::clap:
I smell Shadamy.....but I'm heartbroken because I love Sonamy and Shadamy equally
Oooookkkaaayyyyy 0.0 she fell in love wiht the personal artist but what about the Prince???
Something tells me there's going to be a fight over Amy.
Is this a sonamy or a shadamy
allsoniccouplelover Mar 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That was the same question I was thinking about too!
I love it please make more!
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