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July 15, 2011
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Sonic The Hedgehog, the fastest thing alive, as they called him, was once again running from the military known as G.U.N. They have been chasing him for the last month and he has no idea why. He just recently jumped out of one of G.U.N's helicopters, when he got caught by them, as an atempt to escape but now they huge truck is on his tail.

"Man can't you guys give me a break?" Sonic yelled, annoyed by the fact they are chasing the wrong hedgehog. Sonic suddenly turned a sharp corner causing G.U.N to loose sight of him. He was safe...for now.

Sonic entered a big clearing in the middle of the street. It was getting late now and the sky was a deep, royal blue colour with a couple of stars playing in the sky. Suddenly, from the sky, one of G.U.N's huge security robots appeared out of nowhere.

"This is Heavy Dog, criminal in sight, preparing to capture and secure now!" the man in the robot said.
"This game of tag is boring Im outta here!" Sonic said clearly annoyed but before he could make a move to escape the hatches on top of the robot opened firing missles at the cobalt hero!
"Woah!" Sonic jumped and flipped out their way just in time. The robot started flying around the area firing lasers as Sonic who easily dodged them. When the robot wasn't looking, Sonic jumped and did a homing attack on the cockpit. As Sonic landed back on the ground the robot blew up leaving bits of ruble and metal in it's place.

Once the smoke subsided from the explosion, Sonic could see something shining on top of the pile of ruble.

"What?" Sonic asked confused yet angry. The green light that was shining was a chaos emerald but the creature holding was a black hedgehog with red steaks through his spiked up quills. He had red eyes and a fluffy patch of fur on his chest. He wore jet shoes and white gloves with power rings. The hedgehog looked somewhat like Sonic.

"And it all starts with this! A jewel containing the ultimate power!" The black hedgehog said holding the emerald up high.

"Now I get it!" Sonic said slowly walking towards the mysterious hedgehog,"The Military has mistaken me for the likes of you! So...where do you think your going with that emerald?" Sonic charged forward towards the hedgehog,"Say something you fake hedgehog!!"

The black hedgehog looked at him in anger, he took hold of the chaos emerald in his gloved hand.
"CHAOS CONTROL!" The Ebony hedgehog shouted.

Within half a second a green light surrounded the hedgehog and he vanished.
Sonic Stopped running towards him when he realised he wasn't their anymore. He turned around to see the same hedgehog standing on top of a huge building on the other side of the street.

"Wow he's fast! Wait a minute, it's not his speed, he must be using the chaos emerald to warp!" Sonic said in sheer anger.

"My name is Shadow, I am the world's ultimate lifeform, there's no time for games, FAREWELL!" With that said another green flash engulfed Shadow making him vanish again.

"Shadow? Just who is he?" Just as Sonic finished his sentence he was surrounded by hundreds of G.U.N soldiers and robots....he had no where to run.

"STOP WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED PUT YOUR HANDS UP AND SURENDER NOW!" The leader of the group said. Sonic let the soldiers hand-cuff him and put him on another helicopter with this one heading towards Prison Island.
"Now what am I gunna do?" Sonic said upset. He gave a huge sigh and just stared out the window of the helicopter...
He we go guys another one of my long fan fiction i promise maybe i hint of shadamy in the next chapter due to story line of game and i will also make the story about the dark sides story too :D comment please thnx :D
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seta muy bueno ^^
espero qe sonic este bien

y shad se encuentre co ames
ShadowXAmyfangulr Aug 1, 2012  Student General Artist
GUN you guys need to chill I mean how many times did Sonic save the world and you trie to put 'm in irons shame
LOL i remember this as one of the Sonic x shows!!!
Mistywriter Jul 15, 2011  Student General Artist
Sure arrest the guy who saves ur lives just for one thing....
Nice Story so far
and what a coincidence I got the game on Wednesday
Lightning-Scraps Jul 15, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol police dont get anything rite :D i have the game 4 ages i love it so i know all the things they say off by heart :heart:
Mistywriter Jul 15, 2011  Student General Artist
Cool ^^ :)
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